Welcome to Scada Doctor

Scada Doctor is an alternate (to original supplier/vendor) tech-support, diagnostics, troubleshooting group of Control Systems Professionals, Programmers, experienced in SCADA & Control System design, implementation & troubleshooting.

Scada Doctor employees are control & communications expert professionals, each typically with over 30 years of domain expertise, who support what you already have and protect the capital investment you've made in your SCADA & control Systems.

Scada Doctor employees complement your SCADA system supplier & support you, as an extension of your staff so we are able to help maintain your current system(s) by providing expert support allowing you to efficiently run your systems & plants. You may save exorbitant support costs and inordinate delays that you may have to experience otherwise.

Other services by SCADA Doctor include, but are not limited to, field installations and startups, develop control logic, provide interfaces for a wide variety of industrial smart devices, equipment and implement complex control strategies.

Contact us immediately, if any of the following applies:

  • Existing system is unsupported or obsolete.

  • You are not getting the expected throughput, output, response, or reliability from your current control or SCADA system

  • Having difficulty identifying or finding knowledgeable personnel, hardware or software

Scada Doctor can help you fix any software or hardware issues with your current SCADA or control system.

Scada Doctor can provide rapid & inexpensive tech-support for existing software or hardware with your current SCADA or control system. The support may be via remote means or on site.

Scada Doctor can provide free second opinions & free reviews, consulting on & for designs or proposals created by your current consultants.

Scada Doctor can help you save or significantly reduce the costs you may incur in hiring consulting engineering firms for controls, SCADA hardware, software designing & implementation.

Scada Doctor also helps in optimal & most efficient use of your assets, resources via the use of smart SCADA systems for optimizing operational costs, longevity of use of assets, reducing energy costs & earn green dollars.

Scada Doctor can also help you migrate to today’s contemporary technology of non-proprietary off-the-shelf software & hardware in a seamless, possibly non-intrusive manner.


Hardware PLC/DCS Systems

  • Rockwell- Allen-Bradley, Micro800

  • GE-IP PAC, S90, Series 6,Series 5, Mark

  • Schnieder

  • Siemens

  • Emerson- DeltaV, Bristol, ROC

  • Honeywell- Experion, TDC, H900

  • Yokogawa- Centum

  • Others...



  • Schnieder-Archestra/InTouch/Wonderware/Indusoft/Clearscada/Citect etc.

  • Rockwell-PlantPax/FactoryTalk/RSView etc.

  • GE-IP Proficy/iFix/Cimplicity

  • Siemens-WinCC

  • Others...

Other Services

  • Help you migrate from one SCADA or Control system to another.

  • SCADA to Enterprise/business systems integration.

  • Replacing existing heterogeneous solutions with homogeneous solutions

  • Replace& upgrade systems that require use of older Windows Operating Systems

  • Replace systems requiring convoluted & expensive licensing with open non-proprietary unlicensed systems.

  • Others...



  • Water & wastewater

  • Electrical transmission & distribution

  • Pipelines, storage, metering

  • Transportation

  • Wind, Solar, Fossil, Hydro, Geothermal power plants

  • Irrigation

  • Warehouse, distribution Centers, Logistics

  • Refining, Chemicals, PetroChem & derivatives

  • Food & Beverages

  • Metals, mining

  • General & discrete manufacturing

  • Others..